thankful list | January 2015

Even in the winter rain, clam digging and oystering is so much fun! #capecod #family #thankskarla

01. time in Manhattan to celebrate our anniversary (a day late).
02. a quick hike at Konza Prairie.
03. Old Chicago, for being open so we could actually enjoy an anniversary dinner.
04. Christmas lights in Manhattan.
05. getting to stay at the B&B where we spent our wedding night.
06. visiting Manhattan Hill, where we started dating and Ian proposed (on the first T).
07. coffee with Kate.
08. watching the K-State bowl game with friends and family.
09. breakfast with friends in Nathan and Sara's new neighborhood.
10. getting a tour of Nathan and Sara's new house, currently under renovation, in KC.
11. a bit of snow.
13. discovering Super Cluckin' Sundays at Cutty's.
14. belated Christmas presents.
15. Rick Bayless's tortilla soup.
16. a new person joining the REUNION slide creation team.
17. when it was -15 degrees out, a nice bus driver who let us wait on the bus instead of outside.
18. snuggling under a blanket on a cold day.
19. dinner at Comedor with Nolan and Ingrid.
20. figuring out how to keep our antique bed slats from sliding off the frame.
21. Top Chef.
22. a visit from the Nichols.
23. a new session of community group.
24. feeling better after taking a day off to help my body beat a head cold.
25. yoga at the office.
26. Spike, my Christmas cactus from Grandma, flowering for the first time in five years.
27. an informative and applicable presentation on emotional intelligence.
28. a day around Boston with Ren and Emily.
29. Christmas on the Cape.
30. the funny experience of getting the car stuck on the beach outside the Kennedy compound.
31. Karla, the awesome neighbor who took us to harvest oysters and and dig for clams.
32. driving around shopping and seeing beaches all afternoon.
33. accidental naps in the car, a.k.a. magic sleep.
34. kitties.
35. a roaring fireplace.
36. a cozy new sofa in front of said fireplace.
37. lobster and steak for Christmas dinner.
38. a safe drive back to Boston.
39. sharing our fresh oysters with friends.
40. Boostrap Compost (because it feels so good to not throw away organic waste anymore).
41. a quiet day at the office.
42. a snow day.
43. a quick copyediting gig.
44. exciting changes at the office.
45. a visit from Micki and Grandma Judy.
46. a fun office super bowl party.
47. the all clear after the fire department paid a visit to our apartment complex.
48. that the firefighters determined there was no fire before sawing into our roof.
49. a delicious (vegan) lunch with our fellow DR team leader to plan for the trip.
50. progress in decluttering our apartment.