thankful list | February 2015

On our way to Grandma Marilyn's 85th birthday party. #queenforaday

01. good food and conversation with our community group coach.
02. made-from-scratch bananas foster Pop Tarts.
03. a Super Bowl watch party with great friends.
04. reading books to G.
05. a surprise Patriots win (because Monday at the office would be rough if they lost).
06. new gloves, because my old pair didn't keep my fingers warm.
07. a sweet new solid wood ironing board, half off, to replace the old rickety one Ian had in college.
08. a winter season clothing swap, organized by a coworker.
09. the Patriots parade (because we've added it to our Bruins and Sox parade experiences).
10. yoga.
11. Oscar shorts at the Coolidge.
12. Bootstrap Compost, for allowing us city folk to give our food scraps a new life.
13. a photoshoot for the Sasaki project in Dudley Square (a rare opportunity to be a project model!)
14. a fun party to celebrate a coworker's birthday.
15. Super Cluckin' Sunday at Cutty's.
16. the option to work from home (because snowstorm, again).
17. community group (despite the mountains of snow).
18. a catering tasting at the office (a perk to being a studio assistant: being courted by caterers).
19. Valentine's Day conversation heart sugar cookies with a catering order from Fuel.
20. a Valentine's Day date with Ian (brunch at The Merchant and an attempt to climb the MIT Alps).
21. getting our friend Anna as our server on said Valentine's Day date.
22. making the DR meeting happen virtually, when the snow prevented us from getting outside.
23. a holiday (i.e. no commuting through crazy snow on the Make Believe Transit Authority!).
24. far exceeding my step goal after walking from Kenmore to Coolidge (thanks, no-show C Line shuttle).
25. hosting Dane, Micki, and Grandma Judy before their 6 a.m. flight to Kansas.
26. meeting another one of Ian's favorite cab drivers.
27. safe and on-time flights back to Kansas.
28. catching up with family, some of whom we haven't seen in years.
29. fun stories at Grandma Marilyn's 85th birthday party (flopper stoppers and Fudgesicles).
30. unexpectedly visiting my parents while driving Ren and Emily halfway back to Boulder before the storm.
31. a safe drive back to Wichita despite the snowstorm.
32. no damage to the rental car after getting rear-ended bumped at a red light on our way to the airport.
33. two more safe and (mostly) on-time flights.
34. a ride home from Logan (thanks, Wilbs!).
35. K-State beating KU!
36. ordering Filipino food from JnJ Turo Turo for the office (for a discussion of our project work there).
37. carpooling with a coworker who we just learned is a neighbor.
38. great conversations to and from the office.
39. a clean apartment.
40. a night at the Paint Bar with coworkers (all our paintings turned out so well!).
41. the Kids Baking Championship.
42. Ingrid's surprise birthday party.