Brooke Fraser, Brutal Romantic

valentine's day 2015

For Valentine's Day, Ian nabbed us tickets to see Brooke Fraser at the Sinclair. We've always been captivated by her incredible voice and songwriting, and love her latest album, Brutal Romantic. The week's snowstorm threatened to cancel our plans, but thankfully held off until the wee hours of the morning. (Giant flakes began to fall as we walked up to our front door around midnight.)

valentine's day 2015 valentine's day 2015

She was funny and down to earth. Her voice was pitch perfect. And we love the new techno vibe to her music, as she continues to evolve and explore her craft. In addition to songs from Brutal Romantic, she also played some of her old favorites, like "C. S. Lewis Song," remixed to her current style. She said, since the songs were now over a decade old, it was rather like teenagers getting tattoos and piercings. I like her similes.

The show was amazing, and the perfect Valentine's Day respite from the crazy snow. And the next time Brooke Fraser comes to Boston, we'll be there.