thankful list | May 2015

After a LONG winter of root vegetables, our #BostonOrganics dogma box is finally sporting some spring color! #radishes #localfood

01. springtime flowers.
02. leadership community, and the awesome people at REUNION.
03. a Kentucky Derby party.
04. Super Cluckin' Sunday. seriously. always.
05. a new studio assistant at the office (I once again have a partner in crime!).
06. a third birthday party. the best.
07. an interesting project at the office.
08. dinner at Roxy's.
09. a Monster's University puzzle.
10. a bike ride through the city.
11. seeing the new art installation on the Greenway.
12. silly selfies with Ian.
13. dinner at Castle Island with a coworker-neighbor turned friend (and her awesome husband).
14. Tasty Burger before community group.
15. a good friend's birthday dinner at a new-to-us restaurant in JP (get the deviled eggs!).
16. ice cream at the mother cow (the JP in JP Licks).
17. that Ian's bike accident was not as bad as it could have been.*
18. a flexible office.
19. an amazing community group.
20. an entertaining fire drill at the office.
21. a short Friday followed by a long weekend on the Cape (and much needed family time).
22. loads of ice cream.
23. our veterans (I miss you, Grandpa.)
24. learning more about how to move forward in the home buying process.
25. at last, color once again in our super-local Boston Organics box.
26. a (frustrating but) successful afternoon of errands topped off with Toscanini's.
27. a new coloring book.

*Someday, when the legal and insurance things are sorted out, we'll share more of the story.