I'll love you forever, Brookline.

green line outbound train sign

So, we bought a house. Technically, half a house (a condo in a 1930s two-family home). It's a 20-minute walk from our office, with a washer and dryer in the basement (no more quarters!) and a couple extra bedrooms (if you visit, you won't be on an air mattress in our living room anymore! okay, maybe still the air mattress, but in a bedroom!). We get to DIY to our hearts' content. We have three families of friends within a few blocks, and even more friends in the area. We're so excited!

But we're leaving Brookline, which simultaneously breaks our hearts. It has been our home all our 5-plus years in Boston. We love our quiet little street, and the park next door that is sometimes full of silly kids and Little League baseball games. We have lots of friends nearby, and are a short walk away from not one but two green lines. We can be downtown in 20 minutes, while still enjoying life in a quiet cozy neighborhood. We're practically next door to the library, Cutty's, and Orinoco, and we can bike to Sox games.

We know we made the right choice to move (our home-buying story is in the blog pipeline), but it is bittersweet to leave a place we love so well. Thankfully, it's not too far away and we have plenty of reasons (good friends and good food, not to mention our dentist) to come back often.

Here's to an amazing 5 years, 9 months, and 4 days in our beloved Brookline!

spring flowers
a colorful storm
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happy 27th iansunshine after the storm
brookline flag day