thankful list | July 2015

I ordered the @pariscreperie Ron Swanson Ameri-Crepe. That is all. #meattornado #murica

01. summertime.
02. a birthday that involved lots of sweet treats at work.
03. a birthday trip to the Science Behind Pixar exhibit at the Museum of Science.
04. dinner with awesome friends.
05. fireworks, viewed from Cambridge-side.
06. Sam joining us for our annual Fourth of July celebration (yay burgers and ice cream!).
07. seeing Micki and Grandma Judy.
08. a long lunch playing bocce (#cantstopwontstop logs another win).
09. a delicious chocolate chip cookie from Fuel.
10. a successful teambuilding event for the 2015 DR trip.
11. dinner with friends who moved to NH, who we miss dearly.
12. Big Hero 6 at the Hatch Shell with other REUNIONers.
13. pulling off a delicious gluten-free cake to bring to the office for a coworker.
14. recognition for 5 years at Sasaki (for the both of us).
15. a few days with Ted, an intrepid Oregonian joining us on the DR trip.
16. a smooth-running packing party to get medical supplies into the team's checked bags.
17. getting 23 people to the airport, through security, and on flights to the DR.
18. no issues getting through customs with all the medical clinic supplies.
19. seeing awesome friends waiting to greet us curbside upon arrival.
20. an incredible team.
21. quick and efficient med sorting (thanks, Dr. America!).
22. updates on various GO projects, like the Santiago medical center.
23. a kind stocker at La Sirena who found my favorite piƱa con coco marmalade, missing from the shelf.
24. Helados Bon.
25. two days of painting and a successful medical clinic (even though it was especially hot).
26. Caitlin, for taking care of me when I was dehydrated + carsick (you are an awesome friend + NP).