thankful list | September + October 2015

A few weeks ago, we took my folks to the #admakepeace #cranberry harvest celebration. I felt like we were in an @oceansprayinc commercial.

01. a good first condo association meeting.
02. Dinner and ice cream with Grant, visiting from SF (we miss you!).
03. an interesting project a work.
04. a DR trip barbecue, to catch up with friends.
05. a Skype call with the Vargas family.
06. Dane and Ian turning an old broom closet into a shiny (tiny) pantry.
07. Super Cluckin' Sunday.
08. a great phone call with Grandma.
09. a fancy event at the office.
10. catching up with the Oaks after the first half of their global adventure.
11. a walk through Mount Auburn Cemetery.
12. the REUNION Viva La Picnic!
13. a leisurely breakfast with our house guests before heading to work.
14. the Oaks knocking out some painting for us.
15. cozy sweaters.
16. pizza in the fridge.
17. Sherlock.
18. catching up with Drew.
19. dinner with the Drs. Hu.
20. Roxy's for dinner.
21. a date to see MUTEMATH, front and center, with my favorite person.
22. REUNION friends, who totally understood our late night, despite the early morning.
23. my favorite TV shows to keep me company when Ian travels for work.
24. an overall good report from our Mass Save energy audit.
25. the energy companies covering a big chunk of the only thing we need: exterior insulation.
26. a trip to Wilson Farm with good friends for decorative gourds and cider doughnuts.
27. Super Cluckin' Sunday with new friends (and a five-loaves-two-fish moment).
28. successful completion of operation paint the dining room phase one.
29. a visit from mom and dad.
30. rambutan.
31. a trip to the Cape with mom and dad (their first).
32. the cranberry harvest celebration.
33. beach time with double the family.
34. taking dad to Russo's.
35. mom's chicken adobo.
36. community group.
37. installation of our Nest thermostat (dreams really do come true; also, yay rebates!).
38. the third annual chili and pumpkin carving event.
39. Grey's excitement for gutting pumpkins.
40. lunch with an awesome coworker.
41. dinner at Alden & Harlow with a couple of my favorite ladies.
42. a super productive weekend in putting the house together.
43. our new bed frame.
44. a dining table.
45. Swedish meatballs (thanks, IKEA).
46. finally finishing the paint job in the dining room.
47. FaceTime, so Ian and I could watch the Royals game together, 300+ miles apart.
48. holding down the community group fort in the absence of our fearless leaders.
49. celebrating Micki's birthday while watching the Royals.
50. awesome sushi costumes for a Halloween party.
51. a husband who was excited to make my sushi costume dream come true.
52. a fun Halloween party.
53. a Royals win (#takethecrown): just one more to make Grandma Judy pop champagne.
54. Ian, always.