thankful list | November 2015

We wondered if we'd bump into Katniss Everdeen on our walk. #appalachia #district12 #iannagoestoTN

01. a fun afternoon date with Ian and Shake Shack, driving through the 'burbs.
02. starting Sherlock from the beginning, with Ian.
03. Ian enjoying Sherlock (almost) as much as I do.
04. a Royals win (we're so happy for them, and for Grandma Judy, who popped champagne).
05. finalizing our flights home for Christmas.
06. winning (!!!!) the preorder drawing for a limited-edition Young House Love shiny rhino.
07. after a snafu with my preorder, finally getting my copy of Lobster is the Best Medicine.
08. a REUNION baptism celebration.
09. Super Cluckin' Sunday, which never disappoints.
10. drawing unicorns on the giant chalkboard wall at the offices with O.
11. Skyping with the Vargas family.
12. a long weekend in Tennessee.
13. a coffee shop with coconut hot chocolate and good eats to get some work done.
14. lunch with our good friend Drew, who moved to Nashville to start a cool tech company.
15. catching up with Remily.
16. also meeting our furry nephew and niece, Charlie and Violet.
17. a date at the East Tennessee History Museum, followed by a wander of downtown.
18. a fancy double date at Stock & Barrel.
19. meeting Ren's coworkers.
20. amazing treats at Magpies, courtesy of Emily.
21. Chick-fil-a (I'm realizing comfort food features strongly in my thankful lists...)
22. learning all about moonshining (fascinating, even if it isn't my new beverage of choice).
23. a crazy night of Cards Against Humanity (I can't say the game creators didn't warn us...).
24. lunch at Chandlers, because we were told you can't not go.
25. finding a cool new park, which felt like District 12.
26. watching Spectre with Remily.
27. the annual Sasaki Thanksgiving potluck (lots of fun while supporting a local food bank!).
28. a roaring fire at community group (and great people to share it with).
29. a visit from the Nichols family (which included bubbles and pajamas).
30. time with the Aguilars, who are now serving full time in the DR (so time together is extra special).
31. finding a bunny in the front yard.
32. hosting our first Thanksgiving dinner in our new digs.
33. seeing a large rafter of turkeys at Mount Auburn Cemetery.
34. the entire rafter of turkeys congregating around our car with the "turkey assemble" call Ian found online.
35. shopping for our first ever real Christmas tree (thanks, Russo's!).