thankful list | December 2015

Merry Christmas, from our home to yours! #andtoallagoodnight

01. a good dentist appointment (thanks again for fluoride treatments, Mom!).
02. figuring out how to decorate our new place for Christmas.
03. candlepin bowling with REUNIONers.
04. Super Cluckin' Sunday, always.
05. a farewell dinner for a friend moving to LA (Jeff, don't forget us when Night Lights blows up).
06. surprising friends with dinner when they had to cancel on a work holiday party. #kidcrisis
07. a K-State Christmas party.
08. making a gingerbread house with G.
09. Advent Conspiracy.
10. a Star Wars marathon (episodes IV-VI) with amazing brunch (thanks J&E!).
11. cheese curds straight from Wisconsin. #lovethatsqueak
12. our Christmas tree at night.
13. the office holiday party.
14. photobooths with Ian. #wewinallthephotobooths
15. a morning in Coolidge Corner thanks to an eye appointment.
16. meeting new people at a friends' Christmas party.
17. dinner with some amazing ladies before heading home for the holidays.
18. a visit to Manhattan.
19. Varsity Donuts... especially d is for donut and the one that's like a Caramel deLite.
20. hot beverages at Bluestem.
21. a pit stop at the Bill.
22. sunset on the family farm.
23. a barn full of cats.
24. Lyssna with Grandma (because we couldn't manage to stay up for the Julotta).
25. time with family (even though Ian got sick).
26. watching our canine nephew, Chance, make friends with a barn kitten.
27. snow changing our travel plans, meaning an unexpected and fantastic car ride with mom.
28. dinner at Jiffy Burger. #eatallthecheeseballs
29. an evening in my hometown.
30. Christmas with Ian's family.
31. a trip to Hobby Lobby with Grandma Marilyn.
32. an awesome anniversary with my favorite person.
33. an unexpected and delicious anniversary dinner at Pho Hua in Garden City.
34. Freddy's frozen custard for dessert.
35. eight years of marriage: harder and better than I could have imagined.
36. Ian. Always.