thankful list | January 2016

Flowers from @scherling200. I love spider mums! #latergram

01. more time with Grandma Marilyn (and Susan and Debbie).
02. podcasts for a long drive (any Limetown fans out there?).
03. a visit with Uncle Jim.
04. a glimpse of Manhattan's Light Festival.
05. an evening of YouTube videos at Nathan and Sara's (almost) finished renovation.
06. seeing Winston again (thanks, Joey!).
07. KC barbecue.
08. catching up with Megan (everyone else, we'll catch you in 2016!).
09. board games, to console after a disappointing bowl game.
10. a quick direct flight home.
11. catching Super Cluckin' Sunday (to date, we've only missed one — for our now home's open house).
12. a visit from neighbors, one a little Elsa who played tiny football with Ian.
13. catching up on Castle.
14. sleeping in our own bed again.
15. getting back into our routine.
16. delicate snow flurries out the window (because snow makes cold more bearable).
17. new clothes, because I was feeling the shortage in my minimalist wardrobe.
18. a save the date magnet for April (counting down to my first official, legal sister!).
19. yoga, especially after the holidays.
20. flowers from Ian, because white spider mums are perfect for winter.
21. time with Micki.
22. a short work week.
23. a new light in our dining room.
24. a new episode of Sherlock.
25. a chimney inspection (one step closer to using our fireplace).
26. laughing with Ian.
27. a copyediting project at work.
28. an evening at Lesley, for Amy's graduation reading (she's incredible!)
29. info sessions for the 2016 DR trip.
30. community group.
31. a lost earring found (because the pair was a gift from Ian).
32. an evening with Kristin & Co.
33. play-doh at REUNION, to remind us we were meant to be creative.
34. hanging out with G + P before community group (babysitting success!).
35. a weekend on the Cape.