S plus N, or, the day Anna got her first sister

Congratulations, Nathan and Sara! We love you both so much! (I have a sister!) #SplusN #theJureyisin #latergram

It feels like Nathan and Sara have been together forever, but records show it's only been about five years. I still remember when my family came to visit us in Boston and Nathan told us he had started dating someone. We knew it was serious even then, and their relationship has survived so much, including two years of long distance and a huge semi-DIY gut renovation of a sweet old house that needed a lot of love. We're so proud and thrilled that they've made it to this milestone, and we're so thankful we were able to celebrate with them!

We got into town Thursday morning before the wedding, and after lunch, Nathan debriefed me on all of the reception decorations details, because he was putting me in charge of ensuring their vision was executed (pressure!). We took care of all the flower arrangements that afternoon, with plenty of time to enjoy a cookout with Sara's family that evening.

The next day, we headed to the church to start decorating. Dad and Nathan left the hotel early, per Nathan's detailed timeline. Caleb, mom, Ian, and I soon followed, but due to a miscommunication, first arrived at the reception venue, then the police station across from the church. But we finally made it, and spent the entire day (with an amazing pizza break for lunch) turning the church's youth room into a wedding venue. Mission accomplished with plenty of time to prepare for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner (from Anna's Oven, which Nathan and Sara have been telling us we need to try for the years, and yes, it was worth the hype).

The happy couple practices getting married! #SplusN #theJureyisin #latergram

The next morning, we headed to the reception venue (we had no trouble getting there since we already practiced the day before) and got started with the decorations. We had a small army, and thankfully everything was almost finished and Nathan-approved by the time he and the groomsmen had to head out to get ready. We finished up the details (including a chalkboard sign Ian rocked and chilling all of the fun an obscure bottled sodas hand-picked by the bride and groom), and then grabbed lunch before heading back to the church to get ready.

After a morning of decorating, Nathan and Sara's vision is reality. #SplusN #theJureyisin #latergram
An assortment of "strange drinks" available at the reception. #mrqcumbersoda #SplusN #theJureyisin #latergram
The window of well wishes. #SplusN #theJureyisin #latergram

The wedding was beautiful, we took some great family photos, and then headed to the reception. The details really made the space, the food was delicious, Sara's dad and the wedding party gave great speeches, and we had so much fun in the photo booth and on the dance floor. It was definitely a night to remember!

Kelsey Kimberlin Photography: Photo Booth &emdash;
photo by Kelsey Kimberlin Photography
Kelsey Kimberlin Photography: Photo Booth &emdash;
photo by Kelsey Kimberlin Photography
Kelsey Kimberlin Photography: Photo Booth &emdash;
photo by Kelsey Kimberlin Photography
The next day, we had a family + wedding party brunch for gift opening, and then they took off for Colorado, while we enjoyed a little more time with family, and squeezed in a couple visits with some dear friends we miss. We even got to meet a new baby (congrats Karen and Jeremy!). And Megan kindly drove us to the airport after meeting up for breakfast the next morning.

It was a quick trip, but we're so thankful we could celebrate with them, and that they got hitched without a hitch. Sara, welcome to the family. We love you!

See the rest of our photos on Flickr. And don't miss their (way better than mine) official wedding photos!