thankful list | April 2016

Happy Patriot's Day! #BostonMarathon weekend is the city at its best, always. #bostonstrong #ilovemycity

01. Ian's bite-sized DR talk at the office (and the $2,356.01 our coworkers have given over the years).
02. REUNION slide creator training (because more help!).
03. figure skating on TV.
05. Super Cluckin' Sunday at Cutty's.
06. figure skating IRL (#worlds2016).
07. a great local grocery store.
08. Comedor with our dear friend Nate.
09. Tasty Burger — get the rise n' shine.
10. our second DR team meeting.
11. a visit from Micki.
12. another breakthrough with Astrid (hanging out in the kitchen, not under a table!).
13. a visit to IKEA.
14. a new sofa that makes our living room infinitely more functional.
15. a day to catch up on all our errands.
16. Tenoch after church with friends.
17. Sunday ice cream at Toscanini's.
18. a trip to Follain to restock some basics (they're so helpful and have such great stuff!).
19. no longer having to manage our office loaner laptops!
20. date night at Branch Line.
21. a successful nail trim appointment for Astrid.
22. a new laser pointer that works.
23. a pretty good first loaf of sourdough sandwich bread.
24. an UNDERØATH show with friends.
25. Astrid sleeping at the foot of the bed — she's still nervous, but so wants to be near us.
26. another marathon, and seeing the city at its best.
27. dinner with some of my best friends (who I don't see as often as I'd like!).
28. a good local library.
29. another trip to Comedor with a college friend who happened to be in town.
30. Shake Shack. I love me a ShackBurger with cheese fries.
31. ice cream at Katie's.
32. a great weekend on the Cape, squeezing in family time and the sights.
33. Cape Cod beaches.
34. an appreciation lunch for operations staff at work.
35. a fast and easy flight to MCI.
36. sushi with family.
37. an afternoon assembling flower arrangements and downloading the wedding decor plan.
38. a giant bride + groom family dinner.
39. a successful day of prepping the church for the wedding.
40. the pizza that showed up for lunch. SO GOOD.
41. a delicious rehearsal dinner (from Anna's, finally, after hearing about it for years).
42. a successful morning of decorating for the reception.
43. a not-so-great fast food lunch with  good company and good laughs.
44. getting semi-lost in KC with my other future sister-in-law, meaning extra time to hang out!
45. a beautiful wedding!
46. my first sister!
47. a beautiful reception!
48. seeing family and friends we love dearly.
49. meeting baby Emma.
50. Ian, my forever wedding date.