thankful list | May 2016

Those paws slay me. #astridkitty #ourlittlemanx

01. post-wedding brunch at Nathan + Sara's house.
02. lunch with my parents.
03. hanging out with Karemy and Emma: we picked up where we left off, with one small addition.
04. driving by some of our favorite KC spots
05. dinner with mom and dad.
06. breakfast with Megan and Ollie.
07. a short, quick flight home.
08. a clothing swap with co-workers, which are always fun.
09. a birthday party for G, who turned four (what?!).
10. REUNION's leadership community.
11. a Home Depot and lunch run to prep for the afternoon.
12. a freshly painted kitchen (thanks, Micki!).
13. Toscanini's to celebrate.
14. a good morning at REUNION.
15. Mother's Day brunch at Sofra with Micki (Mom, I wish you could have been there too!).
16. a drizzly trip to Mount Auburn Cemetery.
17. a free repair for loose stitches on my favorite jeans.
18. unexpectedly finding the pendant light we wanted for the kitchen after it looked discontinued.
19. an impromptu dinner date at Tiger Mama.
20. the pig rice at Tiger Mama.
21. a Skype session with Luis and Torre: so good to see those faces.
22. celebrating our friend Ryan finishing his AREs.
23. Astrid lounging by our feet in the wee hours of the morning.
24. a fun multi-family rummage sale.
25. extra space after selling some old furniture that wasn't working in our new place.
26. a sidewalk chalk mani/pedi from two tiny nail technicians.
27. Nate, for helping us sand the garage doors in preparation for paint.
28. $2 meatball subs at Joe's.
29. beautiful spring weather.
30. a big setup team at REUNION that allowed us to handle some extra work with no stress.
31. knocking out the primer coat on the garage doors.
32. a hot shower after working in the cold (with Kansas wind).
33. an early bedtime.
34. safe travels for Ian on his business trip to Virginia.
35. getting my favorite jeans back after repairs.
36. a pit stop to see Ian's project under construction at Bristol Community College.
37. introducing Grandma Judy to Google Cardboard.
38. a fundraiser with Micki on the Cape... the entertainment was hit or miss, but the company wasn't.
39. lunch with Grandma Judy.
40. beach hopping.
41. a walk through the artist shanties in Hyannis.
42. Katie's ice cream.
43. grocery shopping at Wegmans.
44. freshly painted garage doors.
45. fun treats for Astrid (because our failed attempt to take her in for a nail trim required an apology).
46. Micki and Judy driving to Boston for the long weekend.
47. lunch at Cutty's.
48. a visit to the Gardner (their first), with a fresh look at old masterpieces.
49. an afternoon at the Crane Estate.
50. overcast weather for a quick beach stroll.
51. dinner at the Clam Box.
52. a family trip to the Harvard Museum of Natural History.
53. a parking spot in Cambridge (Ian had to hunt for a while).
54. the Blaschka glass collection being back on exhibit (after a haitus for restoration).
55. lunch at the Bon Me food truck.
56. dinner with friends at a new restaurant.