thankful list | June 2016

Hey there pretty lady. #bestillmyheart #nofilter #roseshaylorpeony

Life felt a bit overwhelming in June, so I'm clinging to this list a little harder.

01. an amazing community group
02. lunch along the river with Ian.
03. all the water fowl that hilariously at my leftover bread.
04. a successful day of errands.
05. a (more) complete capsule wardrobe (flipped to summer!).
06. Super Cluckin Sunday.
07. a Russo's fueled cooking extravaganza with friends.
08. a good DR team meeting.
09. a quick breakfast with Kelly.
10. a good dental appointment.
11. shopping at the Brookline Trader Joe's, for old time's sake.
12. strawberry fusilli with homemade basil.
13. a mostly painless trip to the vet for Astrid (just a minor ear infection).
14. our explosion of ferns.
15. a final weekend on the Cape before our family officially moves.
16. Roxy's on the drive.
17. hanging out with Pfluff and Ming.
18. our first trip to Martha's Vineyard.
19. peonies.
20. crab cakes.
21. warm sand and ocean waves.
22. ice cream at Katie's with Grandma Judy.
23. compost planning at the office.
24. yoga.
25. a great late night chat with Micki.
26. after one of the craziest mornings at the office maybe ever, time with family.
27. Ian (happy birthday!)
28. rest.
29. a new house in the Denver area.
30. lunch at Centro and Finding Dory with Micki and Grandma Judy.
31. a grapefruit rosemary spritzer.
32. time to plan a belated surprise birthday party.
33. brunch at The Kitchen.
34. strolling on Pearl Street.
35. the guys (and kitties) arriving safely in Colorado.
36. brunch as a family (Em, we missed you!).
37. my dads (original and in-law!).
38. old photos.
39. talking to Grandma on what would have been Grandpa's 95th birthday.
40. a comfortable bed.
41. the movers (so we didn't have to do the heavy lifting).
42. quality time with Ren.
43. time for Ian and I to sneak out to see Finding Dory (yes, again).
44. made beds and a (somewhat) put together kitchen.
45. the almost two years of living so close to family.
46. safe flights.
47. not getting stuck overnight in JFK.
48. our own bed.
49. G and H's attempts to coax Astrid out from under the bed.
50. the joy of 1600+ balloons in the Sasaki Gallery.
51. a quiet evening.
52. Ryan and Kelly, for all their help in pulling off Ian's surprise birthday party.
53. pulling off the surprise part (because I'm a terrible liar).
54. all the friends who helped make it amazing.
55. strawberries, especially in Smitten Kitchen's strawberry summer cake.
56. an all-afternoon Sunday nap.
57. clean laundry.
58. Astrid.
59. The Hulu app on our TV. game changer.