thankful list | July 2016

Boston, you are lights out for my birthday, and I thank you. (And @mutemath, you are the perfect soundtrack.) #bostonsummer

01. a quiet day in the office, heading into a long weekend.
02. brownie chips for my birthday breakfast (thanks, Oaks!).
03. Ian's birthday gift: a 3D printed planter he made himself and a pencil cactus.
04. lunch at Roxy's.
05. an afternoon full of my favorite stores (Niche! David's Tea!)
06. a drive along the Charles River with the windows down and Mutemath blasting.
07. ice cream at Toscanini's.
08. an evening at the Middle East to watch our friend compete at air guitar.
09. a great morning at REUNION.
10. time to prep for our birthday slash Independence Day party without too much stress.
11. time with so many people we love dearly.
12. Ian's new grill, for cooking up great burgers.
13. watching fireworks in Waltham (we were so close, I had firework bits in my hair).
14. getting home in time to watch the Boston fireworks on TV.
15. heading back to Brookline to celebrate a friend's birthday.
16. snacks from Sofra.
17. a great DR teambuilding meeting.
18. Follain.
19. REUNION's Live It Out event (we spent the morning working along the Charles River).
20. the Live It Out afterparty picnic.
21. hors d'oeuvres at Branch Line.
22. Astrid's cuteness.
23. a fancified laundry area, thanks to a new rug and trash can.
24. lunch after church with a good friend.
25. an evening hanging out with our community group.
26. construction signs for the new office chicken coop.
27. outdoor movie night at the office.
28. dinner with the Drs. Hu (who we don't see as often as we'd like).
29. Shake Shack and successful errands.
30. a DR team sendoff at REUNION.
31. brunch with a new friend.
32. ice cream.
33. a beautiful evening walk through Christian Science Center.
34. a successful DR trip packing party.
35. ending up with all the trip supplies despite a few snafus.
36. dinner by the water with our new friend.
37. seeing the DR team off at the airport (we did it!).
38. a much needed date night at our beloved Orinoco.
39. a friend's birthday party at Sweet Cheeks.
40. those biscuits.
41. old friends moving in down the street.
42. after a fiasco with a clothing purchase, getting everything sorted out.
43. Ian, always.