riding with charlie.

charlie ticket on the express bus

riding with Charlie: a writing exercise

I've been meaning to put more effort into my creative writing since I graduated and lost the motivation of homework deadlines. Sporadically, I would start character sketches—an old couple walking in the park, little girls playing near a fountain, all stranded in my moleskine.

When we moved to Boston, I decided to create some accountability with my blog. And given an endless supply of interesting people on the T, I had my inspiration (very appropriate given our new MBTA-inspired theme).

My hope is that this project will serve as your own "Charlie Card"—your ticket to experience the T. And like Charlie, who got stuck forever on the train, this ride doesn't have a final stop—I plan to just keep writing.

With this new project, I'm noticing more details in every day—a Star of David pin on a man's satchel, a dried leaf cartwheeling across asphalt pavement, the gradient of rich blue in the sky just after the sun falls past the horizon, the geese honking overhead. There's such joy in paying attention to the here and now, and I hope you find joy when you read.

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