a wedding nightmare.... and updates!

First off, good news! Mom finally had her last chemo treatment! Now it's just herceptin for a year, which is considerably less stressful. Oh, and her wig looks better than my hair... lol!

Second. The wedding is only 45 days away! Exciting, but scary at the same time. Micki is down here running wedding errands for me, and we're going to do practice hair tonight! It's coming together... We're on schedule, but there's so much to do. Name change things, planning out the ceremony, pulling together reception details, fitting, alterations, and more fittings, picking up dresses, tanning, teeth whitening, getting the wedding bands, and that's just what I remember at the moment!

We're also still looking at apartments. Some promising things, but we found out in most places, studios cannot be occupied by two residents, ergo we probably need to rent a 1-bedroom apartment, which translates into a lot more money. And there's this requirement that you look at the apartment before you sign... we need to figure out how to avoid buying a plane ticket while still managing that one!

All this has caused another wedding nightmare. Last night, I dreamed we had the wedding (which was here, but the building was the same as the Christian Church back home). We were in the basement, for something post ceremony... but it wasn't the reception, despite the fact that there was cake. A sheet cake with teddy bears airbrushed on with "Bonjourno!" written across the top. Don't ask why it was Italian. No idea where that came from. Ian told me to get my own piece, instead of sharing, because he thought he'd eat it all. So I ask for another one, but they said they weren't sure they'd have enough for everyone. I pointed out, "We're the bride and groom!" So they chopped it smaller and gave me a piece. We went to sit down and I asked my mom something about when are we were heading over to Houston Street, and she said, basically, we ran out of time getting it ready, so we'll just have the reception tomorrow. I freaked, because who could stay for a two-day wedding, right? Plus we had honeymoon reservations. It was too late to pick up the tablecloths, and Houston Street didn't have the tables set up. I almost woke up, because I realized, wait, none of this is ready yet because it's November, not December (because November has a 31st, right? hah!) and then I freak out again, because Ian and I accidentally got married a month early, not getting to enjoy the wedding we planned out. This is definitely my weirdest wedding nightmare to date.

One more thing, and I'll try to keep this short. I read on the KC Star online, Joe Posnansky thinks that "Daniel, Reesing worthy of Heisman." That's Missouri's and KU's, respectively, quarterbacks for those of you not keeping up with Big XII football. No idea how good a predictor he is, but knowing how the media is jumping on the KU bandwagon (gag me!), I can see it. If KU is the first Kansas school with a Heisman winner, I think... well, I don't know what I'll do. But seriously, something is wrong with the universe. KU IS NOT A FOOTBALL SCHOOL! Well, at least we've got basketball this year... maybe we'll finally beat them at home. Ranked 22 in the AP poll, baby! Go State!

That's all I got. Except I'm going to plug "Pushing Daisies" again. Watch it. Scroll down, on the right side, you'll find the RSS feed for the online episodes. It's worth it, promise!