Purse Day

We keep doing things, and I keep getting further behind. However, I ended up with today and Friday off (things have slowed down a bit at work), so I'm taking full advantage of this to do laundry, read, and catch up on the blog, of course! So I'm going to go back 3 weekends ago and tell you a little bit about my purse.

Purse Day took place 3 weeks after Emily, Micki and I designed purses at 1154 Lill. I'd been excited about a purse from here for quite some time even before that, so Ian and I made a day of picking it up.

Walking down the parkway, we saw the LOVE Park fountain was purple, in honor of Mother's Day! This worked out much better than the green did...

purple love park fountain

We walked down Market, had a cheesesteak from a street vendor, then made our way over to the shop. On the way, we saw a stereotypical south Philly man. Note his saunter, leather jacket, and feather in his hat.

the philly swagger
note the feather and the tide person

When we got there, I saw my purse hanging on the wall, it was so exciting! And it's nice, Ian, with his design background, appreciated it too! Apparently people designing that weekend (Mother's Day was the next day) really liked my purse too, as an idea, so that's quite the compliment as well! After that, we went around the city more and made our way to Penn, where we spent some time at Starbucks. I read and Ian worked on his presentation he was going to give to a couple high school classes when we went home. After we got home, Ian took some pictures of me with my new purse.

anna's new lill purse

Anyway, I'll stop here and make our trip back to Kansas a separate post, so these don't get unbearably long!

To conclude, I'd like to say, since this is a post-pre-Mother's Day post (being after Mother's Day but about before Mother's Day) that I love BOTH of my moms very much — the one who helped make me into the woman I am, and made it such a fun journey, and the one who raised my husband to be the incredible man he is, and adopted me as her own! They are amazing, inspiring women and a true blessing in my life!