Brit and Joe's wedding weekend

Britni is going to be so happy I'm finally getting to this! It's cold outside, and Ian is off doing his wedding responsibility as best man... i.e. doing the bachelor party thing (don't worry, dinner and an evening of Wii). Which means I'm doing some serious catching up on the blog and Facebooking photos while watching some fun crime scene television. And Britni and Joe's wedding festivities are next in the time line.

The bachelorette party and bridal shower were in August, right after Ian and I got back into town. Quite the whirlwind! But the other bridesmaids were fantastic and helped out so much, that I didn't really have to worry about anything. We started out at Chandra's for dinner and gifts. And I won't divulge the giggles we shared there! After Britni opened all her presents, we headed to della Voce, the new fancy Italian restaurant in town. It was so much fun!

britni eats cannoli
Here's the bride-to-be trying some cannoli.
beautiful party attendees
beautiful party attendees!
anna, megan, and lyndsay
We were so glad Lyndsay could make it back!
britni's ribbon earns congrats
Several people walked up and congratulated Britni, courtesy of her bachelorette ribbon.

The next afternoon was the bridal shower, complete with 4-pound cake.

the 4 lb. cake
bride and bridesmaids
Here's all of us bridesmaids with the beautiful bride-to-be!
anna, britni and cake
And me and Britni together! BFFs forever! *wink*

And then, September 19, comes the wedding rehearsal!

They are so excited!

And the actual wedding day, September 20!

the bridal bouquet
Bridesmaids smelling Brit's beautiful bouquet.
bridal bathroom visit
The classic bathroom shot.
sendoff petals
After tossing the petals.
anna and her moms
Me with my moms!
Shiny bridesmaids.
best friends + landscape buddies
Best friends, now both married!

Brit and Joe, we love you both. Congratulations again!