The 6 posts of Christmas: Overmiller style

In early December, I got to join in a surprise birthday tea party for Grandma Judy (girls only, of course!), followed by the Overmiller Christmas out at the farm. It was so much fun spending all that time with family, especially after going over 8 months without seeing some of them (i.e. our time in Philadelphia).

The tea party was fantastic. The restaurant had great food, and a back hallway with all kinds of hats and jewelry. We all wore hats for dinner, and Sydni and Maddi kept changing their accessories between bites. Micki and Patti also had a special presentation, which involved a display board illustrating various Judy-isms, or phrases and mannerisms by which she is identified. A very informative and entertaining experience!

maddie dresses up
Maddi showing off a hat and her plethora of necklaces, with purse and boa.
four generations
a fun four-generation photo!

After the tea party, we went back to rejoin the fellows, who had been hunting and doing other manly things while we were gone. After some famous homemade chicken noodles for dinner, we did family Christmas.

starting to open presents
preparing to open presents.
the presents are open
and they're off!

It was lovely enjoying time with family. I got to play Barbies, color, and get beaten by Sydni at the game I Spy. The running activity for the day was silly insults, so we learned lots of new ones, like "sqweener," "monkey-burger," and "grammy-pants." One of my favorite quotes from the evening was by Maddi. We were coloring in her new Strawberry Shortcake coloring book when Ian came over and joined us. He kissed me on the forehead. Maddi said, "eww! Why does he kiss you so much?" This, coming from a little girl who has no qualms about admitting she has a boyfriend named Tate. A month later and it still makes me laugh!

Check back tomorrow for the third post of Christmas!