The 6 posts of Christmas: wedding bells

December 20 brought wedding bells for Nathan and Crystal! Ian had the honor of serving as best man for Nathan, so it was quite the whirlwind wedding weekend for us. Ian planned the bachelor party for Thursday night, which was dinner and an evening of Wii. Coincidentally, the evening they were out was the evening I was catching up blogging and blogged about Britni's wedding, where I was married-lady of honor. I really don't like the word matron, because I'm not a 50-year-old head nurse.

Anyway, Friday was the rehearsal and dinner, followed by a late evening watching Ian write his toast. Saturday was the wedding, and it was gorgeous. They are such a beautiful, Christ-centered couple and the ceremony reflected that. Not to mention Crystal looked gorgeous and they both are emotive, which mean a majority of the guests teared up too (myself included!). It was also wonderful because it was a reunion of sorts, and we got to spend some quality time with good friends we haven't seen in a long time, like Craig, Chris and Carrie, and Jeff and Jenni.

mr. and mrs. tear up
the adorable couple during the ceremony.
micah, megan & anna
Micah, Megan and me at the reception.
funny faces
we enjoy being silly.
funny boys
the guys all sitting on the knee behind them.
a reunion, but now all married
reunion! Crystal and Nathan, me and Ian, Jeff and Jenni, Chris and Carrie. the last time we were all together, only two of the four couples were married yet.

yay for marriage! Watch tomorrow for our first married Christmas gift exchange!