Fall in a Flash: Another hurrah in Philly

So I've gotten horribly behind in blogging. With the new year, I'd like to catch up, so as Ian and I watch the national championship game, I'm going to write multiple posts, set to publish each day. We'll see if I can catch up to the present before the game is over! First up is Ian and I's return to Philadelphia.

The American Society of Landscape Architecture held it's annual convention in Philadelphia in 2008, so we made the trip back and stayed with some lovely friends (thanks Vanessa and Cole, and Rebecca and Audrey!). It was a whirlwind vacation. We attended the convention, visited Olin, took Ian's professors to visit his project site and took pictures of the site, went to a wedding, discovered the game Bang! courtesy of Fred and Laura, went to church and experienced the new organ, were offered "mushrooms" shortly after we walked through the gayborhood back to our friend's place, had lunch with some other wonderful friends, enjoyed cheesesteaks and our most favorite dessert ever... and I'm sure that's not all of it. As you can tell, it was quite the adventure! I failed to take pictures for most of it, but I'll share a few favorites.

in front of esp
I really like this photo of me and Ian in front of Eastern State Penitentiary.
an esp gargoyle
A gargoyle at Eastern State Penitentiary.
south philly art lot
We walked past this on our way to cheesesteaks. An artist turned an entire empty lot into a mosaic masterpiece using bits of bottles and other random trash and wow was it amazing!

Stay tuned! The next Fall in a Flash will post tomorrow!