Fall in a Flash: things that made me smile

I can't really tie this post together with one theme, other than all of these items made me smile.

item 1: leaves. While running errands, we happened across a house with the largest collection of leaves that I've ever seen. It reminded me of the Whomping Willow from the Harry Potter movies, where it shakes all its leaves off at once. The fact that the car was covered in leaves (you couldn't see the windshield) added to the impression they all fell at the same time.

a shedding tree
The leaves are like a carpet covering the entire radius of the tree.
a carpet of leaves

item 2: fall play. I drove home to surprise my family and watch Caleb in the annual fall play. Ian couldn't make it, sadly, as he had too much studio to work on over the weekend. The look on my mom's face seeing me walk in the house, and the sound in my dad's voice when I answered the phone were both priceless, and I'm glad I didn't miss Caleb's stellar performance! He played the town mortician, Mort Ripley.

ohs fall play
way blurry, but it's the best I have of him actually in the play.
caleb & anna
our smiling photo.
mort ripley, mortician, on the job
our in-character photo. He's glad to be "the last man to let [me] down."

item 3: art. I feel I succeeded at my first attempt at a folded-book sculpture. Items such as these created by official artists sold for around $500 at the Philadelphia Anthropologie.

folded book sculpture
free art! Okay, under $20 when you count the cost of the book... my incomplete copy of the collected works of Jane Austen. I bought it, then after I read it all, I found one that really did have everything she wrote, not just the major 4 books this one contains.

item 4: Ian's comb over. So Ian was in dire need of a haircut before his yearbook picture, and he decided make the best of the situation by doing a comb over an cheesy smiles for the picture. I mean, our kids are going to laugh at it anyway, right? So the night before, he practiced his hair and smile.

ian with a combover
This is my favorite shot.

So there you have it. Things that made me smile this fall. This catches me up through November. But wait! There's more! Next up is our first married Christmas season. Stay tuned!