our one-year anniversary!

So this is a month after the fact, but here's our lovely one-year anniversary! We went to Kansas City, ate at the Melting Pot (a first for both of us) and stayed at the bed and breakfast where we spent our honeymoon. It was a lovely way to celebrate this milestone in our marriage. And we always enjoy tasty and new dining experiences. The tomato basil cheddar fondue we had was delicious, and our server, who was great, set our dessert fondue (tiramisu) on fire as he poured it into the serving pot. Quite a dramatic meal!

ian at the melting pot
here's Ian post-cheese fondue.
anna at the melting pot
here's me digging into the dessert fondue.
at the melting pot
our server was very helpful and took a photo for us.
at the southmoreland
a nice photo of us back at the b&b.
world war i memorial
on our way home the next day, we stopped at the WWI Memorial, and Ian got some great shots.
sunset in kansas city
the beautiful sunset.
wedding cake a year later
three of our five our wedding cake toppers.

After Mom almost forgot the cakes at home, and I almost forgot them at Grandma's, Mom said they were destined to be forgotten. Sure enough, we forgot to bring them with us. Of course, dessert was included in the meal, so we wouldn't have eaten them anyway. We partook the following week. It was a little dry, but all things considered, not bad. We could still figure out what flavors they were, which is a better fate than some anniversary wedding cake bits!