one month later...

We've been back from our Philippines trip for exactly a month. In that month, we've been to SC, Denver five times each — one of Ian's Denver trips included a hiking trip with Ren to the mountains, and Manhattan twice (thanks again, Britni and Joe, for housing us and our things!). In between, we've kept busy here at home, bookkeeping, blogging, playing with Pfluff, running errands, and helping around the house as we wait for a job opportunity for Ian. We've been praying about Ian's job, but are thankful for this time with family — we understand why God is saying "not yet."

Some of you already know that Micki's cancer is back again. This is the third time, but each time has been a different cancer, none of which is genetic. The doctors are really interested in her! The tests for this cancer came back with the best-case scenario — hormone positive and HER-2 positive. This means that the herceptin she is taking is still effective and also will work for this new cancer, and they know exactly what to do to cut off the "food source" of the cancer, which is hormones. To address the hormone issue, we went to Denver on Tuesday, and she had laparoscopic surgery to remove her ovaries on Wednesday. She's a little sore but recovering well and we appreciate the thoughts, prayers, and delicious food from a great support network! Also, she'll start Femara. This newer drug is much easier on the body than tamoxifen. For those of you who don't know all of the technical terms, just know God has answered prayers in a big way and we are very thankful.

We're also happy to have lots of time to play with Pfluff, the family's curious and acrobatic cat who plays fetch. She brings joy to our days.

pfluff in a drawer

And as we wait, I've added to my experiences at the family funeral homes. Today, I helped Micki assemble a temporary grave marker, helped Dane move out a casket from the casket room, and Ian and I helped Dane move the body to the casket. It was much different than Take Your Daughter to Work Day with my dad at the Ag Service Center! After finishing up at the funeral home, we came home, made communion bread, and Micki and I enjoyed a little at-home foot spa while listening to the K-State football game. What a great way to end the day!