Advent Conspiracy: xmas cards

Last Christmas, we decided to make Christmas more [relational, intentional, meaningful, joyful] with less [stress, spending, obligation, stuff]. And we invited you to join us by writing about some of our favorite gift ideas that fit with this thing we call Advent Conspiracy.

When I saw our friends Micah and Marianna at Old Try are conspiring this year with their design talents, I knew I had to share.

photo by Old Try

Each year through Advent Conspiracy, [REUNION] supports (along with a few other worthy causes like fighting sex trafficking in Boston) clean water initiatives in developing countries. And this year, Old Try is partnering with [REUNION] by offering beautiful Christmas cards to support this cause. For each and every card purchased, $3 goes towards digging fresh water wells.

photo by Old Try
"The X on the front in place of Christ is there for a reason. This card, this season, will raise money to help eradicate thirst, make people less susceptible to droughts and help prevent disease from the lack of clean water. Christ can do a lot, and we can, too." — Old Try
Buy xmas cards, spread Christmas cheer, and give the gift of clean water. It doesn't get any better than that.

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