the annual eye exam visit: cold on the water

Dane and Micki were in town a couple weeks ago for Micki's checkup at the Boston Foundation for Sight. Her cancer is in check thanks to Herceptin and healthy living, and her second cornea transplant is continuing to do great thanks to the special prosthetic contact from the Foundation.

We picked them up from the airport late Saturday night, and woke up relatively early the next morning, given their two hour time adjustment, to grab Boloco truckstops (for Dane) and Starbucks (for Micki) before the second gathering at REUNION. Which, by the way, was a successful first day as one church in two locations: 152 people attended the Somerville launch and there was still a great turnout in Back Bay.

After church, we decided to catch the Head of the Charles Regatta, "the world's largest two-day rowing event." It was a cool day, and even colder on the water. After taking some photos and watching a few boats dart past, we decided we'd experienced enough of both the race and the weather.

sunday on the charles river

We took the Red Line back downtown for some clam chowder and original Boston Cream Pie. As many times as Dane and Micki have visited Boston, they're no longer interested in the touristy things. But that cake is just too good to pass up while you're here. (On another note, this is the best group photo we got all week...)


We relaxed that night over an episode of Fringe, knowing we had a full couple days of birthday celebration adventures ahead of us. Stay tuned...