thankful list | March

Last day of copyediting class. Bittersweet. #nerdalert

01. an impromptu hot beverage date with a friend.
02. the lovely foam heart in the top of my hot chocolate at Crema.
03. catching up with REUNION friends at leadership community.
04. weather that allows us to enjoy a walk home.
05. an insane K-State/Baylor game with an unbelievable last-second win.
06. a smooth morning running media.
07. a trip to Super 88 to stock up on the good rice.
08. butternut squash ravioli.
09. a crock pot big enough for community group dinners.
10. Ian avoiding any weather delays on his way home from a business trip.
11. time with friends and their new baby.
12. a productive day at work.
13. a road trip with good friends.
14. a weekend in New Hampshire.
15. delicious meals.
16. an amazing cabin.
17. a quick stop for brunch in Manchester.
18. snuggling on the sofa while watching an epic episode of Castle.
19. garlic rice and longanisa.
20. finding Feedly via c|net after panicking that Google Reader is retiring.
21. a relaxing evening to recuperate from our colds.
22. finishing our taxes, with a nice little refund.
23. a great book club discussion.
24. an awesome evening hanging out with friends + baby.
25. taco pizza.
26. new friends via my copyediting class.
27. a happy snowman after a long trudge to work in slushy snow.
28. Ren's flight arriving safely in Boston.
29. a cozy bed in New Hampshire.
30. bagels and lox (for the first time!).
31. a short but sweet weekend in NH with Erin + Michael and Ren.
32. snowshoeing for the first time. it really is like walking on clouds.
33. soup dumplings at the Dumpling Cafe in Chinatown.
34. Chinese bakery treats.
35. sharing BBQ and biscuits with Ren at Sweet Cheeks.
36. an awesome night of discussion at community group.
37. Boston cream pies (at their birthplace) with Sean + Kathryn.
38. a quick and easy night of laundry thanks to Ian.
39. designing the REUNION message slides in ProPresenter for the first time.
40. a free visit to the Gardner Museum with good friends + baby G.
41. Sweet Cheeks (again) with said good friends + baby G.
42. watching KU lose AND WSU advance to the Final Four.
43. community group Easter dinner.
44. catching up with Wen on the walk home.
45. again, an evening of Castle while snuggled up with Ian.
46. solid progress on our spring houseplant refresh.