Gregory Alan Isakov and his "Suitcase Full of Sparks"

An evening with @gregoryalanisakov. #folkyeah

Apparently some of our favorite musicians favor the Sinclair: Pomplamoose, Brooke Fraser, and now Gregory Alan Isakov.

We first saw him play at Newport Folk Festival, and it was just the kind of music you want while sitting under a giant tent, rain tapping along and thunder rumbling with the base line. Although the Sinclair is a much different space, they didn't disappoint. Old suitcases, a glowing globe, and a cozy rug set the vibe. He introduced his band as his best friends, and you could feel their easy camaraderie. Imagine sitting around a campfire in the Rocky Mountains, cuddled under a blanket, with your favorite people in the circle around you, and you're almost at the show.

gregory alan isakov

Our favorite is "Suitcase Full of Sparks," which Ian sang at Fox and Sara's wedding (Ian tweaked the lyrics slightly so the details reflected their relationship and the wedding). And it gets me. every. single. time.

(Also, "Stable Song" and "Amsterdam," because.)

I'd say more, but the Boston Globe says it better. Meanwhile, I'll be listening to "Suitcase Full of Sparks" on repeat...