thankful list | April 2015

Magnolias. That is all. #spring

01. trivia night, even though our team didn't come close to winning.
02. doctor friends to help me figure out if I should freak out about a bump on my arm or not (not).
03. Easter brunch with Ian's parents and a couple awesome old friends.
04. our DR team meeting (technically the second, but first really, because snow cancelled February).
05. a handwritten flyer advertising the new "ConVeneice" store (because, hilarious!)
06. Chicken Proven├žal in our new Le Creuset (that I've been dreaming about forever).
07. the Claude Cormier lecture at the Gardner Museum.
08. two awesome years working with Ingrid (I'll miss you!).
09. making the best of missing the update that Color Me Rad Boston was rescheduled to August.
10. using the rental car, meant for Color Me Rad, to go to some open houses.
11. also using the rental car to go to Russo's.
12. transferring our Color Me Rad registration to Providence (the Boston reschedule is during the DR trip).
13. Super Cluckin' Sunday, always.
14. Gregory Alan Isakov at the Sinclair.
15. beautiful crocuses popping up everywhere.
16. Nolan and Ingrid joining us for dinner (I cooked, and it was actually good!).
17. grabbing a photo of the finish line, since we'd be away for the weekend.
18. Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! live at the Wang Theater.
19. a weekend on the Cape.
20. Amie pastries on the beach for breakfast.
21. a visit to the Sandwich trout hatchery (so many fish! feeding them is so fun!).
22. a nice long walk on our modified Marathon Monday commute.
23. tracking progress of the runners we know, thanks to the BAA website.
24. pretty flowers for Administrative Professionals' Day.
25. eating Ben & Jerry's (pistachio) ice cream out of the container.
26. magnolias in bloom (see photo above).
27. flowers from Ian.
28. when a Kansas news channel again used my photo sans permission, my friends and family had my back.
29. a final farewell party for Nolan and Ingrid.
30. Ian's safe travels to Florida for EXPO.
31. breakfast at Tatte (I grumpily concede they pronounce it Tah-tay, although French should be Tat).
32. an operations off-site meeting, involving a team competition to make dumplings.
33. lunch with two of my favorite little friends (and Erin!).
34. a work of art made especially for me by G.
35. Forsythia in bloom.
36. an evening with Micki and Grandma Judy.
37. picking Ian up at the airport after five days apart.