thankful list | December + January

Well hello Mr. President.

01. autoplay on Hulu when my strained back confined me to the sofa.
02. discovering Once Upon a Time when I needed a diversion (see above).
03. a rolling chair at work so I didn't have to get up so much.
04. being in a reading mood again.
05. Ian finishing the last two LARE sections (results in 3 months).
06. MUTEMATH live.
07. a date to The Nutcracker.
08. CookieFest 2011.
09. freshly waxed eyebrows and a dinner date to celebrate.
10. smooth travels and only an hour flight delay.
11. the art of packing for 10 days in a carry-on.
12. a sweet brother-in-law who shopped for us at IKEA.
12. the drive to Denver with Ian when we had to exchange items at IKEA.
13. Swedish meatball consumption because Ian forgot to send Ren frame dimensions.
14. Grandma Judy driving out to see us.
15. updated family photos with Dane, Micki and Ren.
16. gold toenails with extra sparkles.
17. Grandma Marilyn's fall resulting only in a shoulder fracture, nothing worse.
18. being around when Grandma Marilyn fell so we could take care of her.
19. tasty Christmas dinner even when it's late and reheated.
20. incredibly thoughtful gifts from everyone.
21. Creatures, the card game.
22. Grandpa's WWII stories in digital format. I almost cried.
23. using Grandma's old Encyclopedia to answer trivia questions.
24. seeing cows dotted across the prairie under a vibrant sunset.
25. a walk down the farm road.
26. potato sausage and rhubarb pie.
27. friends everywhere we go (miss you, thanks for driving and hosting us).
28. A great anniversary spent on the Plaza in KC.
29. warm fuzzy sweaters and hiking socks when it's 10 degrees outside.
30. Wen's cookies.
31. new music on a cold dreary day.
32. kiwi.
33. Suburgatory (cold outside = more tv inside).
34. quick trips to the MFA thanks to our membership.
35. Old Try's BCS championship watch party.
36. dinners + great conversations with old and new Boston friends.
37. minimal damage (only laundering needed) when our radiator turn into a geyser.
38. a trip to California in January.
39. picking up exactly where left off with old friends.
40. Caleb + Tina's wedding.
41. Jordan and Brittany offering to loan us a car for a day + host us.
42. palm trees.
43. Din Tai Fung.
44. In-N-Out Burger.
45. JetBlue's leg room and snacks.
46. free movies because of a delayed flight home.
47. our bed.

Oh In-N-Out. After more than 4 years it's good to finally see you again.