77.3 inches and counting

We thought the January 26-27 blizzard dumped a lot of snow on Boston. And it did: 24.6 inches made it the sixth biggest snowstorm for the city. (I can't find snowfall totals for Brookline, but based on other nearby totals, I'm guessing we actually got more than Boston proper.)

Post-blizzard commuting with @scherling200 and #llbean. #24inches #moresnowtonight

And then the past two weeks happened, setting record after record (making national news and prompting the Boston Globe to create a fun infographic for our current season total). In 18 days, we've had 71.8 inches — more than two feet higher than the winter season average. The snowstorm this past weekend is now Boston's seventh biggest. The MBTA is struggling. Schools are cancelling vacation days to make up for snow days. Commutes are twice as long as usual.

It's off to work we go. #llbean #76inchesandcounting #makeitstop

And there's another storm on the way. Thanks goodness for L.L. Bean winter gear and a long weekend.

Curious about our past snow adventures in Boston? 2013 still stands as the fifth biggest snowstorm. And winter 2011 was impressive as well with a season total of 81 inches, 4 inches short of maxing out the Boston Globe's Shaq-o-meter (we documented 20 inches and 70.1 inches).