snow in July: a reflection on Boston's record-setting 110.6 inches

The New York Times posted an article about a 12-foot tall snow mound that is still in the Seaport district. In July. Did I mention it's July?

I felt this was an appropriate time to reflect on the past winter, when Boston broke the record for total winter snowfall with a final tally of 110.6 inches. That's over 9 feet of snow, which would be 2 feet over Shaq's head, if you followed the Boston Globe's Shaq-o-meter in 2011. (Our mid-February very informal Ian-o-meter was photographed at 77.3 inches.)

After looking back through our photos, I have absolutely no complaints about the sometimes hot and sultry summer weather.

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Curious about our past snow adventures in Boston? 2013 still stands as the fifth biggest snowstorm (thanks, WBUR!). And winter 2011 is the eighth snowiest with a season total of 81 inches, 4 inches short of maxing out the Boston Globe's Shaq-o-meter (we documented 20 inches and 70.1 inches).

And an interesting article from the
Boston Globe explores potential demographic implications of the past winter. No, we're not moving to warmer climes.